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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Good service"

"They are friendly and know your name."

"Knowing the people who take care of our pharmaceutical needs."


"Friendliness and delivery"

"Convenience; friendliness; helpfulness of staff"

"That you deliver the medicine to our homes."


"Convenient location"

"Delivery service"

"The people are great."


"Helpful and professional staff; I know each of you, and you know me!; not just an Rx"

"Home town grown"


"It's close; prices are good; friendly staff"

"Knowing that I can talk to the pharmacist whenever I need a question answered."


"Love everyone!"

"They knew me by name when I didn't expect them to. That's impressive."

"Staff is always so awesome."

"Nice people! Efficient!"

"Online refills"

"They knew me by name, before I knew them by name."

"The awesome friendly staff, and the prices."

"Easy to deal with; great people"

"The very friendly and helpful people that work there, and also your delivery service."

"They fill prescriptions quickly. Everyone is friendly and helpful."

"Convenient location"

"Love this pharmacy in Carlinville, Illinois. THANKS for everything you do for us!"

"Helpful and friendly staff. Michelle's a great pharmacist! Carlinville is lucky to have her!"

"Where it is located"

"Everybody is very friendly and knowledgable, and I feel like they are watching out for me."

"I like that you deliver the medicine to our homes."

"It's local."

"I love that you deliver medicine."

"Everyone was very nice."

"Personal service... The pharmacist always speaks to me when I come in. They recognize me, and I know the people I am dealing with."

"Love what they have to offer."

"The helpful, friendly, and professional people."

"Close to home"

"I like Michelle."

"The ease of refilling prescriptions. I have gone there since it was Burke's Pharmacy."

"I love the personal service I have received at Michelle's over the many years that I have been a customer."

"Locally owned and operated. I know the owners and some of the employees."

"Hard to choose just one! Delivery! App seems amazing! Nice friendly people!"

"Friendly staff!!! Love Michelle's!"

"Friendly and very knowledgeable"

"Locally owned; takes care of family when in a bind or going out of town"


"I love the home delivery!"

"Locally owned by good folks"

"Staff is friendly and helpful. I'm very hard of hearing and the staff is more than willing to help me understand what is being said. That is priceless to me. Thanks !!!"

"Knowing, liking, and trusting the people who take such good care of us!"


"The personal service and friendly staff."

"Love the people, and the convenience of the website."

"Close to home; friendly staff; great prices"

"Great hometown customer service! Friendly; always helpful; the BEST!"

"The convenience of having a local pharmacy. The staff are all so friendly and helpful."

"Local, friendly, and competitive prices"

"Michelle is always accommodating, it is so close to me, and everyone in the store is always very nice and helpful."

"Local; fast; friendly"

"Friendly service!!!"

"Convenience; local business; nice people; good products and prices"

"Personal service"

"Everyone seems nice, and I take them for the kind of people who will get the job done, regardless."

"Friendly and caring staff."

"Commitment and dedication"

"It's just down the road, and the pharmacists, and staff, are always so very nice and accommodating!"

"The new location and drive through."

"The staff at the pharmacy, and the convenience."

"They always ask if I have any questions, and they are very knowledgeable."

"Convenient location"

"The employees !"

"Friendly staff"

"Friendly staff and small-town kindness"

"The delivery is so conveninent! I am a stay-at-home mom. We only have one vehicle that my husband takes to work everyday. Michelle's brings our prescriptions right to our door. It helps us tremendously!"

"Small-town feel"

"Willingness to help"

"Hometown feel"

"Love that it's right in town and the people that work there are super friendly."

"In town"

"Close to home"

"The employees"

"Convenience; friendly staff"

"The friendly and courteous staff at Bunker Hill. I also love the fact that you deliver."

"Friendliness and delivery"

"Just found out about the refill website...I like it."

"Convenient location"

"Love my pharmacy!"